NEW DETAILS!!! 4-Year-Old Mauled to Death by Family Dogs in Backyard! (News Video)

police cars at night

When things like this happen, we can't help but ask why?

Thursday night, 4-year-old Jacob Brooks was mauled to death by his family dogs.


When police responded to an unknown problem that occurred at the Brook’s home in the 9100 block of Morelia, El Paso, Texas, around 7:50 p.m., they found Jacob’s lifeless body in an enclosed trampoline in the backyard. The dogs, of different breeds and sizes, were there as well.

Police said the boy's mother, who has not been identified, left him in the enclosed trampoline in the back yard. It was unclear how long the boy had been outside and whether he was alone with the dogs.

It is not known what prompted the attack. It appears that while the boy was playing, the dogs attacked him and mauled him to death.

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