50 Rescued Wiener Dogs Looking For Homes! (Video)

3 dachshunds

Florida's Alaqua Animal Refuge and Save Underdogs,
both located in Florida are looking for homes for 50 dachshunds.

Originally rescued in Arkansas from a well-intentioned breeder whose situation went out of control when he became ill and could no longer give the pups the proper care, 50 dachshunds are now in Florida looking for their furever homes.

The pups were headed for a local Arkansas “kill” shelter, Alaqua Animal Refuge Communications Director Mary Chris Murry told WJHG-TV, so the reason “it was so urgent for us to get them within this 24-48 hour time period was because they were going to be euthanized.”

Officials with Alaqua, based in Freeport, and Save Underdogs in Fort Walton Beach, both no kill organizations, say they're happy to be giving the dogs another chance at life.

“We are a no-kill facility, so whatever we take in, it's here until either it goes home to a loving family or it has a natural cause of death. We've got animals that have been here for years and they will stay here forever if we can't find them a home,” Alaqua Animal Refuge Technician Alissa Parsons said.

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