Heartbreaking! A Broken Promise To a Marine! They Said He Could Adopt His Dog and THIS HAPPENED! (Video)

Jazzy’s first handler is promised first adoption rights when his dog retired from
the military and tries for over 5 years…

How many heartbreaking stories have we heard? How many times has a military man or woman tried to adopt the dog they were promised, the dog who was separated from them when their stint was up, the dog they owed their lives to and gave their love to, the pup they intensely bonded with during the times they questioned whether or not they would make it through to the next day, the dog they dream of adopting once they are safely home and the dog has been retired from the military?

Former Marine Nathan Naumann remembers the gut-wrenching moment Jazzy–the dog he trained with, was deployed with, and served with–was whisked away from him the first time. It was almost as soon as he got off the plane in the States after his stint in Afghanistan was over.

Nathan was stationed in California. Jazzy, excellent at her job, was redeployed to Afghanistan.

“It was rough. It was, you know, coming home from deployment. It’s not like I had a lot of family there at the parade deck so, it was a lonely walk back to the barracks,” Nathan told Target 8 News.

That was more than five years ago. But there was always the dream that he and Jazzy would be back together. again. And for over five years, Nathan, now a Pinellas Park police officer, has written, called, and done everything possible to let the Marines know he wants Jazzy.

As her first handler, according to the Marines, it is his option to adopt the bomb sniffing black lab who protected him, the pup he intensely bonded with, loved, and called family while in Afghanistan.

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