Abuser of Caitlyn the Dog Sentenced! (Video)

William Leonard Dodson and Caitlyn - muzzle bound with electrical tape

Hailed as one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse in history, William Leonard Dodson, 42, of Charleston, SC, has been sentenced the maximum penalty Friday, March, 24–five years in prison for wrapping electrical tape around Caitlyn’s muzzle.

The tape, wound nine times around her muzzle, was so tightly wrapped that it prevented the Staffordshire terrier puppy from eating or drinking for 48 hours, while the sharp edges of the tape cut into her face.

Caitlyn’s teeth had dug into her tongue cutting off the blood supply, killing off tissue.

Her pain had to have been excruciating, according to her veterinary team. When the tape was cut from her severely swollen snout, caregivers say Caitlyn emitted a scream that haunts them to this day.

Part of the pup's tongue had to be surgically removed and the medical staff feared she would be unable to eat or drink, which would mean euthanasia. But prayers from around the world and Caitlyn’s fighting spirit countered the odds.

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A witness told authorities that Dodson, after purchasing the puppy for $20, had complained the puppy barked too much.

The abuse occurred almost two years ago. Caitlyn was found May 27, 2015, in North Charleston, Photos of her swollen muzzle went viral, and her story of survival drew worldwide attention and raised awareness of animal cruelty

Dodson has been in prison since June 2015.

On March 23, this past Thursday (the day before the judgment for dog abuse), Dodson was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison on unrelated drug and weapons charge.

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