After A $1K Donation, Dog is Returned to Original Owners! (Video)

Maverick reunited with his original owner

How many vets–no. how many people–would you guess would do this?

It was March 24 when Lela Harris’ two-year-old German shepherd-Rottweiler cross Maverick went missing from his home in Lundar, Manitoba.

On April 10, “Mavi” turned up in Winnipeg and he was adopted out. The next day Lela learned he was in Winnipag and went to bring her beloved pup home.

Finding he wasn’t at the shelter, Lela pleaded with the new owners to return Maverick, saying he already had a family. Leland Gordon, chief operating officer with the city's animal services even offered to give the new owners another dog and their adoption fee back.

But the new owners turned a deaf ear to the Harris family’s grief.

But as the old saying goes, “Everyone has a price.” And when Dr. David Scammell, a veterinarian at Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital heard the story, he offered the new owners $1,000 via Gordon, the Animal Services officer who'd been in touch with the new owners, to return the dog.

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