Almost Fed to Death, Cruelly Abandoned, Morbidly Obese Jack Russell Terrier Escapes Euthanasia! (Video)

Pearl at 80 lbs

Dogs this fat have heart attacks and die on the spot.
Generally euthanized, this pup was lucky!

Pearl, a sweet Jack Russell Terrier mix, was found abandoned in a parking lot. She couldn't move a hair. At eighty pounds–healthy Jack Russel dogs weigh between 13 and 17 pounds–she was covered in rolls of fat. Her neck was so thick, she couldn't move her head.

There was no medical condition that caused Pearl to be humongous. It was the result of neglect and severe overfeeding from her previous owners.

Trapped in her body, the poor pup was scared and depressed, having nearly been fed to death.

She had to be wheeled into the clinic where vets were astonished she was still alive.

Fortunately, animal rescuers–The Dog Networking Agents Inc.–stepped in to give Pearl a second chance and a team of vets and trainers set to work to help her beat the odds. She needed a special diet and exercise program, including electro-acupuncture to help her shed weight quickly and carefully—a pound a week. Being so large, she had to have specialized equipment like exercise balls and an underwater treadmill which would keep the pressure off her body and painful joints. She even needed a harness to help lift her.

Haley Zielinski, who heads up The Dog Networking Agents Inc. said “vets told us that her heart could stop at any moment.”

“At times, we didn’t think she was going to make it, we feared…

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