Amazing Dog Comforts Victims of Domestic Violence! (Video)

Ranger resting his head on a woman's shoulder

 “When you look at that dog, it’s like he’s looking into your soul.”

His name is Ranger. He's an eight-year-old black Lab with a grey muzzle. The grey appeared when he was only a year and a half old, about the time he consoled first responders after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and lived with a survivor of the Ft. Hood attack.

Ranger is now part of a first-of-its-kind program in Minnesota that uses therapy dogs to help victims of domestic and sexual violence get through the legal process and reduce trauma. The program was begun in January 2017 by 360 Communities, the largest non-profit in Dakota County.

Ranger rests his head on the victim's shoulder while they are giving testimony at the police station and on their feet in the court room.

“He has to take in all of those emotions, be appropriate”…

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