Amazing Rescue Story! Paralyzed Dog Who Never Gave Up! (Video)

Sydney before rescue

There are some amazing rescues and rescuers doing awesome work. One of these groups is Animal Aid Unlimited, India. They have my profound respect. Without them, this little dog would never have made it.

When Animal Aid Unlimited receives a call about a street dog who is severely injured and can't get to his feet, they arrive to find this handsome pup literally covered in flies, all surrounding his back end. At first they can't tell why. But when they lift him, the gaping injury is plain to see.

The placid pup, wearing a doleful expression, is offered little bits of food by his rescuer. But the poor, skinny stray seems to be in too much pain to respond. Although he gratefully accepts the rescuer's gentle pats before being covered with a blanket and lifted into the awaiting van that will take him to the hospital.

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