Villalobos Tries to Help A Frantic Mama Find Her Puppies! (Video)

Mariah's boyfriend Marcel and Moe's wife Lizzy of the Villalobos team have just picked up a frenetic Mama Pibble from the shelter. They have the address where Animal Control found her and are about to head to the site to begin their search for her puppies. They're hoping that the babies are not too far from the place where Mama was located.

Marcel lifts the distraught Mama pibble into a carrier in the back of their SUV and they're on their way.

“What I'm worried about,” says Lizzy, “is how long they've been separated for… and it's hot outside… and it's really sad for her too because she's probably so worried.”

“You can see she's frantic,” agrees Marcel.

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