BREAKING NEWS! DNA Test Proves Dog Held Hostage by Animal Control is 100% Dog! (Video)


German Shepherd Mix is NOT a Wolf Hybrid –
So Why Can’t Capone Go Home?

DNA test results have proven what the Abbato family has known all along; their beloved German Shepherd mix who has been a family member for almost ten years is not a wolf hybrid. There is not one single ounce of wolf in him.

But Animal Control officials in Aurora, Colorado seized Capone and, pending DNA results, refuse to return the senior dog to his family, insisting he looks and acts like a wolf-hybrid.

 ORIGINAL STORY! A Family's Beloved German Shepherd Mix Could Be Euthanized As a Wolf Hybrid! 

He's been incarcerated now, away from his human and canine family, for 5 weeks.

Now that DNA test results have proven Capone is not a wolf, why can't this old dog go home?

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