Breaking News! Family Dogs Who Mauled 4-Year-Old Were Starving! [Blog Post]

Enclosed trampoline

New information on the four dogs involved in the fatal mauling of
a 4-year-old boy last month.

What a terrifying price to pay for what is starting to add up to neglect and cruelty–or at the very least, neglect and ignorance.

Indications, according to ABC-7, are that the attacking dogs were starving. Animal Services officials describe some of the pets as “malnourished and aggressive.”

The terrifying incident happened July 27 on the 9100 block of Morelia in El Paso's Lower Valley.

Four-year-old Jacob Brooks was playing in the backyard on an enclosed trampoline when a pack of four of the family dogs attacked him.


A female mixed-breed, named Memphis, investigators believe to be the leader was noted by officers as being “underweight with ribs visible,” adding that she was “not social and had to be handled with caution.”

A second dog Helga…

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