Breeder Abandons 8-Week-Old Puppy at High Kill Shelter! (Video)

Puppy with large hernia

Ace was abandoned at a high kill shelter by a breeder because of a hernia. Luckily, he's been pulled from the shelter and we see him in Dr. Karri's clinic, where she is attempting to figure out what is going on with the huge bulge to the side, and toward the base, of his penis.

As you can see, the pup is really frightened as he is being examined.

Palpating. the area, Dr. Karri is saying, “This is obviously his penis and this is his scrotum, and there's this huge hernia right here. And I do not know what's in there. Is this his bladder? Is this fat? Could this be a giant testicle? So we're just going to have to explore surgically and see what we find.”

Be prepared for some fascinating surgical footage in the video on the Next Page.

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