Couple Collects Dying Dogs – What They Do With Them Gave Me The Chills! (Video)

happy little dog

Jeff and Michele Allen live in Southampton, New Jersey with 27 seriously ill and dying dogs. They’re not eerie humans with an affinity for death. Quite the opposite, they are life-giving, loving humans who want to give the most happiness they can to pups who are at the end of their lives

Their dogs are fed freshly prepared food daily, bathed and groomed, seen to by a vet, doted on by a host of volunteers and allowed to freely lounge throughout the Allen’s home on chaises and toddler beds.

The dogs Jeff and Michele care for here have dire illnesses–cancer, diabetes, heart issues. But are living life to the fullest in this amazing hospice called Monkey’s House, named for the Allen's  first foster. No matter how the pups lived before, Jeff and Michele make sure the dogs in their care want for nothing.

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