Court Orders Barking Dogs Have Their Vocal Chords Cut!

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Neighbors Battle Over Barking Dogs!

The battle has been raging since 2002 and now the judgment, from a 3-judge panel, has been handed down. The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled “debarking” surgery is an appropriate solution to the noisy and relentless problem that neighbors Debra and Dale Krein have had to contend with for more than a decade on their rural property outside Grants Pass.

Karen Szewc and John Updegraff's six Tibetan and Pyrenean Mastiffs must have their vocal chords surgically cut.

While the barking began in 2002, the lawsuit was initiated as a last resort ten years later when the Kreins could no longer take the barking of their neighbors six or more dogs, reports the Oregonian. Szwec and Updegraff, a married couple, have lived next to the Kreins for almost 20 years.

The dogs routinely woke them from sleep, testified the Kreins, discouraged their relatives from visiting, and forced them to turn up the sound of their TV in order to watch shows, adding that their children dreaded coming home from school.

The couple offered audio recordings to prove their case, contending that the barking began as early as 5 a.m. and went on for hours on end after Szewc and Updegraff left the house for the day.

Szewc and Updegraff reportedly did attempt to rectify the situation with methods including shock collars, but it didn’t help.

A four-day jury trial in Jackson County Circuit Court in April 2015 ruled in the Kreins' favor. Szewc and Updegraff were ordered to pay the couple $238,000 and have their dogs undergo devocalization.

The Appeals Court upheld that ruling.

Szewc and Updegraff have not as yet decided whether or not they will appeal again.

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