Detroit Bans Owners From Chaining Their Dogs! (Video)

chained dog

In Detroit, where dog abuse is rampant and neglected dogs are all too often seen on chains—starving, dehydrating and succumbing to the summer heat and winter elements—owners  will have to comply with a new ordinance or face a $500 fine and the risk of their dog being taken away after the third offense.

“This is a great move for the city of Detroit,” an obviously ecstatic Wendy Stroup, east side coordinator of C.H.A.I.N.E.D. told Fox 2.  “Our city council and our new Detroit Animal Care and Control which is just doing amazing things, staffed with compassionate people.”

She added, “Without constant socialization and contact, they [the dogs] become bored, lonely and aggressive at times. Dogs on chains cannot flee.  They are a mark for other dogs that stray and can attack them on a chain in a yard. Also humans, with bad intent.”

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