Diapered Dog Left in Hot Car While Owners Go On 2-Hour Hike! (Video)

dog being released from hot car

With all the news and warnings about leaving little ones in hot cars, it is amazing that it's still happening so frequently–dogs and babies being left in hot cars.

What has to change to make people think? Stronger laws?

No doubt about it.

This incident happened in the Sea to Sky Gondola parking lot in Squamish, British Columbia, a tourist attraction that advertises. “Adventures by Nature for the whole family” that includes hiking over mountain trails.

sea to sky gondola, BCPhoto: Credit Sea and Sky Gondola, Squamish, BC

This is not your three-minute stop at the local convenience store. And I guess it's easy to forget you have a dog suffering in a hot car when you're enjoying the sights

What was the dog doing there in the first place? And being there, why wasn't the pup in a back pack enjoying the sights with the family?

These are thing we don't know.

But what we do know is after spending over two hours in a sweltering car, the pup was actually returned to the careless owners. They may possibly receive a $300 “slap on the wrist” fine.


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