Dog Buried in Mud in a Creek Submerged Up to His Head Unable to Move! [Blog Post]


Lightning Strikes Twice in Georgia. Not 15 minutes away from each other,
Two dogs are buried up to their heads.

We know one is deliberate cruelty. Is the other an act of nature?

They’re calling him Miraculous Moses. He was found buried in mud and water, in a creek in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on July 11, around 10pm, when an animal control officer was alerted to a complaint that a dog had been “barking and crying for hours.”

The officer responded in the pouring rain and, in the distance, a dog could be heard crying and barking loudly.

Scouring the woods, the officer couldn’t find Moses, so he continued on following the sound of “whimpering.” But the AC officer wasn’t prepared for what he ultimately found—a dog with his body totally buried in mud and water with only his head above water.

The officer reports, “Canine appears to have fallen into the creek and sank… in the mud attempting to get out.”

And Two Tailz Rescue post on their Facebook page… Story continues on the next page.

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