Dog Missing for Over Two Weeks Appears at Owner’s Funeral Service! (Video)

Bayron and family at funeral

No One Knows How He Knew, But There He Was!

When the family of the late Doña Rosalba Quiroz gathers together to bid her a final farewell during a funeral service in Mexico, they hear howling and scratching at the funeral home’s door.

It's Doña Rosalba’s Dog Bayron who'd gone missing 15 days earlier. He has reappeared for his only chance to say goodbye.

Doña Rosalba had lived with Bayron on her ranch outside the city of Montemorelos where she had, sadly, been suffering with cancer.

When her health deteriorated and she could no longer live at the ranch, Doña Rosalba goes to live with her relatives. But she stays in contact with Bayron, returning home to take care of the beloved pup who couldn’t go with her.

And when her condition deteriorates to where she can no longer travel the distance to the ranch, Doña Rosalba asks her relatives to care for Bayron. But when they arrive at the ranch, Bayron is no longer there.

Two weeks later, Doña Rosalba passes away.

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