Dogs Are ‘Deliberately Injured.’ Killed At This Veteran’s Hospital! (Video)

heart surgery

White Coat Waste Project, an animal rights group, claims animal abuse at the McGuire Veteran's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, as dogs and puppies are being subjected to what the group calls “cruel and bad science.”

The controversial medical experiments and testing, conducted in secret, has induced heart attacks and resulted in botched surgeries and canine fatalities.

“These were otherwise healthy dogs that are being intentionally injured,” Vice President of advocacy and public policy for White Coat Waste Project Justin Goodman, told ABC8

The animal rights group obtained Incident Reports from McGuire through a Freedom of Information Act request that cites testing and surgical mishaps on dogs as young as 1-years-old.

“Dozens of dogs are being subjected to experiments in which, and these are healthy dogs, beagles, mutts, sometimes puppies who have their chests cut open, devices implanted to intentionally give them an irregular heartbeat,” said Goodman.

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