Dogs May No Longer Have To Die To Train Veterinarians if THIS Happens! (Video)

Surgery performed on a synthetic dog

There are veterinary colleges worldwide that train students to perform surgery by operating on live, anesthetized dogs that are then euthanized after the surgery. Some train using already euthanized shelter pets.

While this is upsetting to those of us who love dogs, even more upsetting are the live, lab animals still used for product testing.

The new technology will save thousands of lives and revolutionize veterinary medicine education, says SynDaver, the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic human cadavers.

SynDaver would like to stop it all, right down to the product testing labs, and have just launched a $24 million crowdfunding campaign to put 20 of their synthetic dog cadavers into every accredited veterinary college in the world. An awesome beginning.

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