DO NOT IGNORE These 10 Symptoms! They Can Be Emergencies for Your Dog!

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“There are certain symptoms you should never ignore,
because a wait-and-see approach is just not worth the risk.”

Like little children, your pup can't tell you what's wrong, but you've just noticed that your dog is not his or her usually bouncy self, nothing too radical, just enough grab your attention.

At the same time, you've got a full day–work deadlines to meet, kids that need to be picked up from school or taken to soccer practice, or it's a special day and you have to prepare a guest dinner for eight.

It might not be easy to totally dismiss what appears to be a less than critical situation, so you decide to keep an eye on your fur baby and wait a little before making a decision to dial the veterinarian. Other issues at hand just seem to be more pressing, and it's so easy to allow them get in the way of a clear-headed decision.

Sure, there are certain things we can watch and wait a bit to see if it resolves on it's own–like if you know your pup has eaten more than he or she should and has just upchucked half of it, or you and Fido have had a busy day romping in the yard and your dog is really wiped out and you think you'll wait a little while to see if your fur baby catches his second wind.

But if your dog is clearly not feeling well, the big question is: should you wait and see what happens or rush your dog to the vet?

“There are certain symptoms you should never ignore, because a wait-and-see approach is just not worth the risk,” says Dr. Becker, DVM.

With some symptoms, there is no doubt that immediate attention is required, but the 10 symptoms she has listed aren’t obvious emergencies; however, they indeed may be.

If I hadn't called my vet on #8, my dog would have not made it through the night. I had no idea it was a super emergency. The problem escalated very quickly. I was praying that my boy would make it through the emergency surgery and then that he would make post surgery till morning when we would be more assured that he would be okay.

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