Family Pays Vet To Euthanize Their Boxer Then Find Her at a Rescue! (Video)


When you think that nothing more can happen to you, then it does…

A Farmington, Utah, family loses their home after Tawny Coates’ husband goes to prison for robbing a bank.

Then the Coates family 9-year-old boxer, Zoey, a great source of comfort for Tawny’s children, becomes ill.

The poor pup begins to have seizures and she had a large tumor on her shoulder.

“This felt like a final stab,” Tawny tearfully tells KSL.

Tawny thinks Zoey’s tumor is cancer that is slowly eating away her life. Add in the seizures and Tawny feels forced to make a very painful decision. She decides to put Zoey to sleep to avoid an excruciating death for her beloved pup.

Along with everything else the family has gone through, Tawny is emotionally unable to face her own decision. So she asks her Dad Larry Coates to take Zoey to Bayview Animal Hospital and have her put to sleep.

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