Shelter Dog Gets a Love Letter From Her New Adoptive Mom! (Video)

Dora "reading"surprise letter

They called her the “Sad Dog Who Forgot to Live”
But you should see her NOW!

Dora is a sad and lonely homeless stray who’s been captured. She is living in the city pound where she’s deprived of human affection and proper medical care.

Dora in city pound

A small, nonprofit, rescue organization in Romania, visits the pound, sees Dora, and saves her.

But Dora’s eyes are filled with sadness. Desolate and lost in the hopelessness of her past, she doesn’t realize that she’s been rescued by Howl of a Dog and her life of neglect is over.

Dora on examining table

Just watching her lying on the examining table at the vet, traumatized and underweight, you can see she’s “somewhere else.” And, later, having a bath for her skin issues that require medical attention, it’s obvious that she’s emotionally detached.

When Dora walks, her head is down and her tail is tucked between her legs. It’s takes a while before the 3-year-old pup timidly begins to wag her tail for the very first time.

And more love and caring has to pour in before the 42-pound pup can begin to enjoy the cuddles and human attention all dogs deserve and she begins to act like a normal dog.

Dora’s Story continues with two videos on the next page. In the first clip, you’ll see the rescue of a very sad, neglected pup living in the city pound and, in the second, a bright, happy Dora, who’s just received a surprise letter from the UK–she is totally unrecognizable as the pup in the first video.

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