Girl Kicks Two Stranger’s Dogs on the Street BEFORE ATTACKING THEM! (Video)

girl trying to pull dog away from owner

Unbelievable Assault Caught on IPhone. I thought the girl was out of her mind,
but there's more to the story than I ever considered. Be careful out there!

When you see the video below, you're going to say, “What the….? Is this girl crazy? Or does she really know these people and trying to get even for something she thinks they did?”

But no. It's nothing like that.

When you watch the video, you'll see a girl pummeling a man who is walking a small dog on a leash on the street by the California Brentwood mall.

The dog is very hyper and shaking. Apparently the girl has appeared out of nowhere and just kicked the dog hard in the ribs, causing the pup to cry out in pain. A second dog, belonging to a woman, also an apparent stranger walking her dog, has also been assaulted by the girl.

Both the man and the woman are in disbelief.

But the girl isn't finished; she begins to punch the man as he is filming the incident.

I'm wondering, ‘Why is she doing that. Does she hope he'll drop his phone?'

Being captured on camera, one would think she'd make a hasty exit. But no, the girl is not about to walk away.

She then threatens to take the man's dog.

She tells the man to leave, all the while claiming that he is attacking her, but he keeps filming.

Watch the video on the next page and look below the clip for the very rational explanation of this girl's seemingly insane actions.

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