Good Karma Cafe Let’s Strays Sleep Out of the Cold! (Video)

This Café’s Doors Are Open To Stray Dogs 24/7
So They Can Sleep in Warmth Throughout The Winter

Painfully, there are millions of homeless, starving dogs worldwide who freeze during the winter months. They roam the streets alone just trying to survive.

But every now and then, a compassionate person reaches through the veil of tears to offer a ray of hope.

One such person with a golden-heart is Niki Belissary, the owner of the Hott Spott Café in Mytilene, on the Isle of Lesvos. She is doing something wonderful for the stray dogs who roam the streets of Greece.

She opens her café doors 24/7 to allow homeless strays some well-deserved comfort. They can come and go at will to stay warm during the winter nights instead of freezing on the bitter cold streets.

The photo below of four stray dogs sleeping on the sofas in the café went viral about a year ago, The scenery at the Hott Spott Café hasn’t changed.

4 dogs sleeping on sofas

4 Dogs Asleep on Sofas. Image Credit: Facebook (link below)

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