Graphic, but Amazing Footage of a Little Dog’s Healing After Being Viciously Attacked By a Neighbor’s Dog! (Vet Ranch Video)


Right upfront, Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch warns, “This video is gross. It's really gross. So if you don't like gross, watch another Vet Ranch video that isn't so gross!”

He continues, saying, “It's gross, but it's real!”

So I add my comments. If you like veterinary medicine and you want to pick up amazing knowledge that will help you with your own pets and even your own healing, you're going to love this video. I was fascinated and I'd hate for anyone to miss it.

As we enter the video, Dr. Matt is introducing a little white poodle wrapped in a blanket. His name is Debarko. A family friend's dog, DeBarko got into the neighbor's yard and was torn up pretty badly by their dog.  He's been rolled around in the mud and his back end is all bloodied.

At this point, Dr. Matt has no idea where the blood is coming from and the area is so painful that Debarko will have to be anesthetized to be cleaned up and checked over.

Story continues on the next page with the video and Debarko's healing which I found amazing.

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