Graphic Video of Veteran and Soldier BF Fatally Shooting Her Service Dog! [Blog Post]

Marinna Rollins, left, and Jarren Heng

She tied him to a tree and shot him in the head!

How could they? Were she and her boyfriend high? The act wasn't spur of the moment. She posted earlier on Facebook.

Police said that before shooting her dog, Rollins posted a photo of her dog on her Facebook page along with text that she “was sad that her dog had to go to a happier place.”

In Fayetteville, NC, a former soldier and her boyfriend, a soldier stationed on Fort Bragg, are facing felony charges of animal cruelty and conspiracy after fatally shooting her service dog. A video shows Marinna Rollins tying her dog to a tree and shooting him numerous times with a rifle while laughing.

The couple alternated turns filming and shooting. Their laughter can be heard on the video which is being held back as evidence in the case.

Story continues on the next page with the “news video”–the film of the twisted act is not shown. 

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