Graphic Video! This Sweet Pibble is Having Painful Penis Issues. Vet Ranch Takes Drastic Measures!

dog about to be anesthetized

Dr. Matt hasn't examined Denver yet, but when he does, what he finds is shocking.

This video is not for you if you faint at the sight of blood. But if you are a trooper and are fascinated by what surgery can correct, meet Denver, a young, very active, very friendly Pibble mix, who looks and acts totally normal in every way, except that he has a very painful problem. When he becomes highly exerted, playing and exercising, his penis begins to bleed profusely.

This boy had been adopted, but then returned because of his condition.

Dr. Matt explains that Denver has been examined by another vet who ascertained that Denver has scar tissue in the area and every time he overexerts himself, the scar tissue cuts into his penis, and to quote Dr. Matt, “he bleeds like crazy.” In fact, Dr. Matt has taken a short clip of the evidence from only five minutes of Denver's bleeding.

Dr. Matt hasn't examined Denver as yet, but when he does what is finds is shocking.

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