He Killed His Neighbor’s Dog With a Sledgehammer After She Was Hit by Two Cars! (Video)


Jessie Garcia and his family live on a busy street in Phoenix, AZ. But when he and his family arrived home last Sunday the last thing they expected to see were people standing around their beloved three-year-old Pit Bull Beau. She was lying on the front porch in a pool of blood.

“There was blood around her head and her side was mostly skin and flesh,” said Garcia.

Only a few minutes before, Beau has been hit by two cars. But that wasn’t the cause of her death. She had managed to get to the front porch before collapsing.

It was at this time that Garcia’s neighbor Ivan Lawrence decided to put Beau out of her misery and, wielding a sledgehammer, hit Beau in the back of the twice.

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