Hilarious! He Left His Dogs in the Car For a Minute, But Never Expected THIS!

2 dogs in a car

Can you see yourself cruising along in the car? It's a lovely, mild, sunny day. You've been out enjoying a drive with your pups and are on the way home. Everyone is feeling really good. Your Airedale is in the front seat and your smaller pooch is in the back.

Then flash!  You remember you need to pick up some doggie dinners at the supermarket. But what to do with your pups?

They can't go into the store and you worry that someone might walk off with them if you tie them outside the market. You feel it's a quick trip in and out to pick up the items — a few minutes at most — and you consider taking the chance and leaving them in the car. Temperatures are, after all, in the 70s. All considered, you decide to take the chance.

Now we all know, this is not a good idea. Even a few minutes in the car is dangerous. Temperatures can rise in seconds; climbing as much as 20 degrees in 10 minutes. And for animals who cool themselves by panting, the car becomes more humid and hotter that much faster.

But, these dogs aren't the ordinary pooches. They don't wait patiently. See the video on the next page. This is just too good to miss!

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