Heartbreaking! She Sees Her Humans At the Shelter, But They’re There to Adopt Another Dog! (Video)


The pup in the video on the next page is about to be evaluated for temperament. She's been fearful and sullen since she arrived at the shelter after being picked up, as a stray, a few days before.

But all-of-a-sudden, this despondent, two-year-old shepherd-mix “lights up like a Christmas tree.” Her entire demeanor changes. Her tail starts wagging and she becomes so very excited.


It's because she sees her family on the other side of the chain link fence. She thinks they are coming to take her home and she is thrilled.

But, poor baby. She's in for a big disappointment.

Her family pets her through the fence and talks sweetly to her, but they don't want her. They've come to select another dog to take home.

See the entire heartbreaking story in the video on the next page.

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