Her Dog Drops With a Heart Attack! Watch What The Man Does to Save Him! (Video)

young weoman and boxer

Hysterical, his Mom freaks. Thank goodness, the man knows what to do!

When I first saw this video, I thought that a woman had been walking her dog in the park, or perhaps had been running him too strenuously and, what looked to be a youthful dog, had just collapsed.

The woman is screaming, “Sugar! Sugar!”

As her dog lays motionlessly on the ground, I'm thinking, a helpful stranger has approached the distraught woman.

But that isn't what happened at all–far from it.

Yes, the woman is Sugar's Mom, the black and white boxer's owner/handler.

But both Sugar and his Mom are at a regular session at Canyon Crest K9 Training Center with owner Ron Pace.

As the video opens, we see the young woman, on her knees, draped over Sugar, hysterically sobbing.

Another woman's voice is heard softly saying, “Calm yourself down. Calm yourself down.”

Ron is heard matter-of-factually saying, “I want to show that to a vet,” as he hands his Iphone to his assistant with the video on so she can film the episode and a vet can better see what's happening.

“Get your hands off her chest. I want to see her breathing,” he orders the sobbing woman, trying to gain some control over the situation.

“He's not!” she wails.

“What the heck!” Ron runs over to the dog. “He's not breathing!” Even Ron is shocked.

“Sugar, Sugar,” his Mom screams. She is beside herself.

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