Hero Dog Digs Up One-Month-Old Baby Buried Alive! [Blog Post]

found baby in hospital

Owner finds her dog frantically digging in the dirt!

The baby is lucky to be alive - and it's all thanks to a dog

A one-month-old baby is rescued by a determined dog who digs through the dirt to find him buried alive.

When the heroic hound’s owner Yang Jiali went looking for her dog in Chongqing China, she never expected to find her pup frantically digging in the dirt, An even greater surprise is what he was digging for. She is stunned when her pooch unearths a newborn baby boy someone has wrapped in a cloth and buried on a piece of farmland.

The farmland in Chongqing where the baby was discovered

Angels were watching over that baby and sent another angel with an incredible sense of smell and paws for digging. .

The heroic dog's owner was shocked when it darted out of the house suddenly

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