He’s Fear-Aggressive, He’s Cornered, But Tia Rescues the Pit Bull Anyway! (Video)

Tia rescuing Pit Bull

Once his escape route is blocked, he becomes a “wild animal!”

“Hi Buddy, Hi! How are you?” Tia says in her squeakiest, nonthreatening, baby voice.

The Pit Bull Tia has come to rescue is on the other side of a waist-high chain link fence, about 3-feet from the house. The dog is peering out of a small ventilation hole in the foundation of a house, looking up at Tia.

“When I got up to the fence, I could see the dog's behavior was really fear. He wasn't really being aggressive; he was being fear-aggressive.”

Tia has evaluated the situation and quickly scales the fence.

The dog ducks back under the house and Tia is thinking, ‘I'm going to have to go under this house and get this dog out.'

“What are you doing?”  She says in her baby voice. She's down on her knees, leaning over the hole in the foundation. The dog has withdrawn to his safe place.

“When you're dealing with a fearful dog, you never want to go to that place where you're trying to be tough and dominant,” Tia is explaining. “I just have to wait it out, using my voice and work my way where he feels safe”

“He'll never jump; he'll just go under the house,” says one of the bystanders who obviously knows the dog.

“Then I'll go under the house,” responds Tia flippantly, who's down on all fours about to crawl into the tiny space the pup has disappeared into.

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