Intense Rescue! As Poodle Dashes To the Freeway, Hope for Paws Does Something Insane! (Video)

A split-second reflex saved this dog's life!

It's got to be rush hour. Cars are moving slowly. Horns are blasting… Eldad Hager and Loreta Frankonyte from Hope for Paws are driving mid-stream, rapidly scanning the area for a reported, tiny, stray poodle.

“Where's the dog?”┬áLoreta asks anxiously, “I don't see it.”

“I saw a dog. There he is!” Eldad answers. He's just as on edge as Loreta.

OMG! A little poodle is standing at the edge of a crosswalk on a busy L.A. street corner. The traffic is stopped at the red light and the pup darts across the street.

“Let me get out!” There's a click. Loreta has released the door latch.

“No, no, wait, wait!” Eldad responds … The car is still in motion…”Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait..”

They try calling to the pup from the car.

“Come on, baby,” calls Loreta sweetly. Aside, she tells Eldad, “Bring the burgers.”

But the dog isn't having any of it. He's heading in the opposite direction toward the freeway.

“Oh, oh, it's not good. He wants to leave,” Eldad says

Eldad makes clicking sounds to get the pup's attention as Loreta hops out of the car.

“Go to him. Go, go, go,” instructs Eldad from behind the wheel.

“No. no, no… don't let him ru…” The pup is right at the edge of the freeway. “Give him a second.”

“NO!” Eldad shouts as the pup heads out into the traffic.

Loreta screams!

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