HISTORIC VICTORY! Animals Australia Investigation Ends Bali Dog Meat Trade! (Video)

Under Pressure Resulting From Animals Australia Investigation,
Bali's Governor has Outlawed the Dog Meat Trade!


A brighter day for Bali’s dogs is promised now that Bali’s Governor Pastika has decreed the end to the dog meat trade in Bali. The ban is based on cruelty to animals, public health risks, and the island’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Thanks to the Animals Australia investigator who secretly infiltrated Bali’s dog meat gangs, the largely hidden dog meat trade in Bali has been exposed.

Defenseless dogs will no longer be beaten, strangled, shot or poisoned and stolen from their homes for the sale of dog meat in local restaurants and street kiosks.

Writes Animals Australia:

Even unwitting tourists were fueling the small but growing trade. The suffering of dogs, some of them pets who were stolen from their families, was unimaginable…Thanks to compassionate people all around the world taking action, cages like this one will never again hold a frightened dog awaiting slaughter.


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