Homeless Pit Bull Can’t Stop Shaking Until THIS Happens!

Eden barking in garage

Overcast and ominous, the day forecasts a turbulent rescue, one like Eldad Hagar has never seen before. And when Hope for Paws receives a call about a small, homeless Pit Bull from homeowner Julie Maigret, lightening flashes in the stormy sky.

Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo from Hope for Paws have no idea what they are in for.

rainy day

Julie Maigret has spent weeks trying to gain the petrified pup's trust, but can't get near Eden without her bolting and running.

It's still dismal and dreary as Eldad and Lisa enter the well-manicured neighborhood to Julie's home. They drive up to the garage where Eden has taken refuge.

Eldad spots Eden in the garage and directs Julie and Lisa to set up soccer nets. His idea is to secure Eden safely in the garage and then negotiate her surrender with his famous cheeseburgers.

securing the nets

But the clever pup catches on. In a flash, out she flies!

Eden in garage

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