How One Woman’s Illness Found Homes For Over Four Thousand Rejected Dogs! (Video)

They were all rejects until she came along!

When life hands you lemons, you turn them into lemonade, you become sour on life, or you go even beyond lemonade and help make life sweeter for all those around you.

This was the situation Angela Padilla found herself in when she learned she had cancer, needed surgery and treatment would render her bald for the duration.

“When I had cancer, it felt like I was wearing a sign. The sign said ‘I am sick. I am going to die. I am pitiable,'” explains Angela Padilla, founder of Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco–a hero my eyes and in all the dogs eyes that she and her organization have rescued and found furever homes for.

She not only made lemonade, but set up a lemonade stand that quenches the needs of over 800 rescue dogs yearly and the families who need them.


Angela says, “I went from being the A+ super achiever to suddenly feeling what it would be like to be an outcast.”

Bald Angela Padilla

“During treatment, I began working with dogs as something to focus on besides my disease. And I started volunteering. And I started walking dogs and socializing the dogs… And they didn't judge me.”

Angela-Padilla bald during cancer treatment and a dog

” They gave me so much unconditional love. These dogs truly rescued me at the most difficult time of my life–being bald, being disfigured–really gave me a feeling of empathy and compassion for the underdogs–dogs that were born deaf, born blind, didn't have a eye, missing a leg…  And I had this amazing sense of connection… that if I could recover from my illness and get over my disabilities, they could do the same thing.


Knowing that every year over 4 thousand dogs are euthanized, Angela begins Family Dog Rescue, an organization that makes a “conscious choice to save dogs with medical needs, with histories of abuse and neglect, dogs that are depressed, and dogs that are really marginalized and dogs that are really not going to make out alive if we don't help them. And we've really developed an expertise and a love for saving them.”

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