How To Avoid a Horrific Dog Fight Like The One That Recently Happened! (Warning Graphic Video)

owner of the Jack Russell terrier

A man and his tiny Jack Russell terrier were viciously mauled by two, massive dogs!

It wasn't a dangerous neighborhood. The dogs were all family pets. The pups were being walked by their owners. So what happened? And how could the whole horrible mishap that blew up into a disaster in which a man thought he was going to die have been avoided?

You may have already seen the video on the next page. It went viral on the internet a short while ago, showing a dog fight that literally exploded on the Avalon Pier at California’s Catalina Island.

In the seconds-long clip posted to Facebook by a bystander, you’ll see two massive Pit Bulls go after a little Jack Russell Terrier. What provoked the attack has not been ascertained. We just know that John Brady, 52, a fisherman, the owner of the small terrier tried to lift his pup out of harm’s way.

In doing so, he wound up, face down on the ground, covering his dog with his body as the two larger dogs, he describes as 100 pounds each, turned their frenzy on him, chewing on his legs.

The owner of the Pit Bulls, a woman who lives on the island, had been walking her dogs with a friend. According to reports, one was on a leash, the other off. As the fight erupted, she attempted to pull one of her dogs off of Brady. But in the heat of battle, her dog turned on her. Her other dog responded by attacking the dog who had begun mauling the woman.

A man in a Harbor Patrol jacket pulled one of the larger dogs away by grabbing its tail.

Story continues on the next page with the video and Dogtime’s advice on how the incident could have been avoided in the first place.

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