How To Examine Your Dog For Early Diagnosis of Cancer and Other Serious Diseases! (Video)

Dr. Lee examining dog

One out of four dogs will die from cancer. Of dogs that live to be
over 10 years of age, 50% will die of cancer. Early diagnosis is critical.

I have always been blown away at how quickly my vet can give one of my dogs or cats a rapid once-over and come up with a diagnosis that 9 times out of 10 the lab work will corroborate. I know he has an awesome instinct, but now that I see this amazing video by Dr. Lee Carriker, some of the mystique has been revealed.

Dr. Lee gives you all the signs and symptoms to look for as well as how to examine your pup while casually petting him or her.

If you're familiar with Dr. Matt of Vet Ranch, you'll be delighted to know that the charming Dr. Lee is Dr. Matt's Dad. Both are amazing vets that live to help pets and their people. Their easy going approach to healing and their down home plain talk makes learning a pleasure.

The physical exam Dr. Lee will describe in the video on the next page is particularly important if you have a Boxer or Golden Retriever, breeds that are highly susceptible to malignancies. The routine is simple. You'll learn a systematic approach to be able to check your pup from inside the nostrils and the tip of the nose all the way to the back.  

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