Is Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Guilty of Libel, of Deliberately Smearing an Animal Rescue Group’s Owners?

Chambers County Sheriff's Department on airboat with dogs

Tall Tails Animal Rescue’s pleas for help are met with mixed blessings.

When the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, along with other rescue boats in the area, answered the desperate pleas of Tall Tails Animal Rescue all appeared as normal as an emergency evacuation could be.

Three dams had been opened upstream. No prior warning was given, and over 100 dogs, cats and pigs at Tall Tail Animal Rescue were in eminent danger of drowning in the rising flood water.

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But as night descended, the rescue was halted by officials as being too dangerous, and the owners were forcibly escorted off of their property.

But what followed next is nothing short of astounding–a highly unusual, if not bizarre, Facebook post from the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office that added shock upon trauma for the owners of Tall Tail Animal Rescue, Kat Tschirgi Wilson and her husband Kevin.

The Chambers County Sheriff’s Office has accused Kevin Wilson of not only abandoning 31 dogs while the flood waters were rising, but claim that his interests lie primarily in collecting donations rather than in his dogs or his imperiled neighbors.

Moreover, without citing any evidence whatsoever, or without stating that the owners of the Tall Tails Animal Rescue in Hankamer  (a city approximately 70 miles east of Houston) were under investigation, the Sheriff's Office also accused co-owner Kevin Miller of harboring “fighting dogs.”

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