Is This Rescue Organization Holding Their Dogs Hostage? (Video)

Meryl and Pearl

“They're held for hostage and they're trying to extort ransom from us!”
“It's been a nightmare!”

They slipped out of the gate on June 9, Gary and Debbie Whitehouse tell KENS5 News.

“They just didn't show back up,” Gary reveals.

He’s talking about Pearl and Meryl, the two, small, Whitehouse family pups that resided with them in Texas off Schneider Road, outside Seguin.

The Guadalupe County family is now in the position of trying to rescue their dogs from a rescue group they say is holding them hostage.

Here's what happened!

After Meryl and Pearl made their great escape, they were picked up by Guadalupe County Animal Control.

A woman named Wendy Grant saw them on Facebook and read that “they were about to be put down.”

It was then that Wendy contacted the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society in Spring who told Wendy that if she picked up Meryl and Pearl from the shelter, the rescue would adopt them and pay the required fees.

Then Gary Whitehouse and Wendy met. When they did it was obvious to Wendy that Gary was Pearl and Meryl’s Dad.

Wendy told KENS5 News. “He identified where they were lost, he identified the date they were lost, he identified the color of their collars, they answer to their names, I mean what more do you want?”

But the director of the rescue won’t return their dogs.


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