Judge Judy Lets Dog Decide His Real Owner and It’s Total Tears and Goosebumps! (Video)

Judge Judy and the dog

Grab a Tissue! Justice is Served!

No pet owner can deny the deep love, devotion and intense connection between a pup and his human. Man or woman and their best friend can be separated for years and years and that bond is never broken. Being reunited is the most fantastic thing imaginable and brings everyone to tears of joy.

TV's Judge Judy knows this all too well. So when given a tough case to decide, she does what any true dog lover would do, she lets the dog choose.

The case is intense and the court is holding its collective breath, waiting for Judge Judy's decision.

The plaintiff has offered his testimony, telling the court that his dog was taken from him and sold.

The defendant says that she purchased the dog from a woman on the street and the dog is rightfully hers, but she isn't finished with her testimony.

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