UPDATED! Remember? “Just Junkyard Dogs,” Says Heartless Owner Who Dumps Bonded Seniors and Walks Away! (Video)

junkyard dogs

Their cold-hearted owner dragged them into the Lancaster, California, shelter last Thursday, calling the two bonded seniors “just junkyard dogs.” He couldn’t be bothered with giving the names of the gentle, terrified, and confused pups to the shelter.

To make their ordeal more tragic, the shelter has split the ten-year-old female Labrador retriever mix and eight-year-old male, brindle, pit bull cross into separate kennels. Hopefully, they can be saved and adopted together.

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Both are scheduled to be euthanized Monday unless pulled or adopted. The Lab female can be released immediately if adopted or pulled. Her pit bull brother will need to pass a temperament evaluation before being released.

Rescue volunteer Sal Valdepeña, calling the girl Maggie, posted the following photos and description on Facebook Saturday:

Surrendered as a “junkyard dog” completely terrified of the human hand, yet this beautiful girl loves human attention & affection. She warmed up quickly as I petted her she wasn't sure how to react. She was so happy running like a little old lady and getting sun on her beautiful frosted face. It breaks me inside knowing she's euthanasia listed. I hope she felt love and happiness. I won't give up until the last second. I love you Maggie and as I write this sitting on the floor of the shelter bawling my eyes out. You didn't deserve the kind of life you had. I'll keep fighting angel. I love you so much.

Please share Maggie. She's set for euthanasia without ever knowing love isn't suppose to hurt.

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You can follow Maggie’s story here Please share with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media.

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