Lab With Sweet Tooth Scarfs Down 3-Tier Cake Morning of Their Wedding Day! (Video)

Black Labrador Retriever and 3-tier wedding cake

The only other time this happened 20 freshly baked cupcakes disappeared.

It was the morning of the wedding. Bridesmaid Gemma Evans drove to her sister Donna McMahon’s home to pick up the labor of love–a 3-tier chocolate sponge wedding cake, an amazing, artistic centerpiece for the wedding reception, made with 22 pounds of ingredients by a friend over two days.

The cake had been lovingly placed on a stand on Donna’s kitchen counter the night before, and the sisters planned to take the cake to the wedding together before watching their brother Scott Willis, 28, marry Jackie Walker, 31.

But the pale-faced, traumatized Donna who greeted Gemma had her sister believing that nothing less than the wedding had been called off.

No, that’s not what happened, but for Donna, it ranked right up there.

Here’s what did happen.

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