Warning Graphic Images! Major Vet Ranch Team Effort Fixes German Shepherd’s Broken Jaw! (Video)

Julia with external fixator for her jaw

Fascinating, but graphic, surgery. We let you know when
to skip if you want to. But I wouldn't miss a beat!

Her name is Julia.

She's just come in as a stray and is unable to close her jaw.

How Julia's jaw was broken we don't know. What we do know is that Vet Ranch is telling us it's going to be a difficult fix.

German Shepherd with broken jaw

Julia is also very frightened.

The very sweet pup has been at the clinic for a couple of days and eating a gruel mash, but her jaw is totally non-functional.

As we enter the video, Dr. Judd is telling us that she is scheduled for surgery with their surgeon. And a couple of hours later we are involved in some pretty graphic, but fascinating surgery.

If you are squeamish, you will want to skip from 1:16 through 2:57 in the video on the next page. But be sure to jump back in. This girl does amazingly well and you may even want to adopt her.

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