Man Arrested For Saving His Dog From House Fire! (Video)

man rescues dog, gets arrested

The apartment building is a raging inferno.
His dog is behind a second-story sliding glass door.
He sees and hears him crying. Police say, “Don't!”
How far would you go for your dog?

This amazing rescue happened some years back but it's again become viral, raising the eternal question–How far would you go for your dog.

A huge apartment is on fire, the building is collapsing, the fire department is short of water, and a man climbs onto a second story balcony and breaks into the building to rescue his dog.

The year is 2003, Jarrod Martin is in the parking lot watching his West Memphis, TN, apartment house going up in flames. His dog is crying for help from inside.

The crowd has been warned to stay behind the barrier or risk arrest.

But the fire at the Premier West Apartments is a tough one to fight. Flames are spreading rapidly. Floors are collapsing. The heat is unbearable.  And water to fight the fire is running out.

Jarrod Martin is watching his dog through the sliding glass door,, becoming more and more anxious.

He's been told that he'll be arrested if he tries  rescue his pup. He's been told to wait for safer conditions. He's been told that the firemen will stop the fire before it gets to his apartment.

But Jarrod, with a keen eye to what is actually happening, is saying, “Naw, you ain't stopping that fire.”

Now, Jarrod can't stand it any longer.So he goes for a spectacular rescue. See it in the video on the next page.

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