Man Leaves Infant Daughter and Dog in Hot Car to Take a Gym Tour! [Blog Post]


I guess it's hard to be young, a new Dad and a dog owner. You've just dropped your wife off at a shop and are passing a gym–maybe a little freedom of recent days gone by beckon.

What harm would to run inside for a few minutes for a quick tour of the facilities?

“I'll just leave the baby in the car. The dog will take care of her,” he thinks.

Just taking a crack of what could have gone through the mind of Justin Wayne Hatcher, 36, of Monroe, N.C. who has been charged with child neglect for leaving his infant daughter in a car while visiting a Spartanburg gym.

He is also cited with mistreatment of animals after police respond to a report of a child and dog locked in a vehicle at Planet Fitness on E. Main Street.

A gym member told police as he was leaving the gym he noticed an infant in a car breathing heavily and alerted employees who got the child out of the vehicle.

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