Man Shoots His Dog, Buries Her on the Beach. What Would You Do? (Video)

Dr. Whalen and Allie

Her name was Allie. A passerby discovers the Hungarian Vizsla in a shallow grave in the sand dunes at the North End of Virginia Beach, VA, on February 10. She has a head injury that investigators feel is the cause of her death. Animal cruelty is suspected.

It is now over two weeks later. Chiropractor Michael Whalen, working in his office, hears about the dog in the news. He’s walked to the beach, a short walk from his home, a couple of times, since it happened.

“Hi Allie,” he’d say, waving toward the shallow grave in which he had interred her.

Whalen recalled how his 15-year-old buddy Allie would sit on the sand and watch him surf. Sometimes, she’d even join him on the board. She so loved the beach. It seemed a fitting place for her to rest.

It had been rough for at least a year, ever since Allie had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Cushing’s disease is not an easy road to travel, but he and Allie managed it medically for a while.

It was over a year ago when his veterinarian talked about putting Allie to sleep. But Whalen didn’t think it was time.

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