Minnesota Police Officer Loans Total Strangers His Car! (Video)

Moolly Nememc and rescued Korean dog

When an awesome couple meets an awesome police officer
Amazing Things Happen!

Or to put it another way, when angels on earth meet, for a brief moment this feeble planet sprouts wings

I know I’m rattling on here, but I’m so blown away by this story, I’m reaching for another tissue.

It happened on July 4th weekend in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Molly and Brad Nemec were on their way to Wisconsin Dell when their car broke down. This was not an ordinary “let’s take in the sights and have the car repaired while we do” sort of trip.

The Nemes were intensely undertaking a full-blown rescue mission. They were on their way to meet volunteers bringing dogs from a Korean meat farm. The pups had already been flown from Seoul to Chicago after long and tedious efforts to get the dogs out of Korea.

“We had this planned for about three weeks, and it was hot out, holiday weekend, traffic everywhere, and for all of the days for our vehicle to break down, that's when it happened, when these dogs were on their way to Minnesota,” Molly told Kare11.

But there they were, stuck in Stillwater, Minnesota. It was a holiday weekend and no rental cars were available.

Molly was in tears.

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